Terms and Conditions

This Statement of Terms and Conditions therefore upholds that GerMedUSAIT has full rights and control to rewrite, modify, change or amend this Statement of Terms and Conditions and that as a consumer of GerMedUSAIT, it is necessary to meet entirely with these Terms of Use as a basic collection of mutual agreement and approval to the use of GerMedUSAIT.

The logo, name and graphics of GerMedUSAIT and of its services and products are the trademarks of GerMedUSAIT. All other business names, brand names, trademarks and logos listed on the website are the property of the owner and do not signify or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of GerMedUSAIT and does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of GerMedUSAIT by the respective owners of the trademark.

All copyrights shall be held by GerMedUSAIT for all design works, including all contents, words, photographs, ideas, graphics and illustrations, unless it is expressly written or published in writing and after all costs have been covered.

1. Project Proposal

For service proposals, GerMedUSAIT offers a highly personalised and customised environment for users to position their project requirements directly via the "Talk to Us" and Get a Free Rate" sections, among others, where users can conveniently fill out the project requirements form. In order to make the procedure more accurate and easy, GerMedUSAIT has offered all the online and offline communication tools that allow you to connect easily with our support team.

2. Backup and Data Loss

By this statement of terms and conditions, GerMedUSAIT makes it clear that the use of the website by users is at their own risk. In either case, GerMedUSAIT does not guarantee any loss of data encountered. By means of this Declaration of Terms and Conditions, the Users of GerMedUSAIT consent to bear responsibility for the use of the website and the implications thereof.

3. Liability

Any sort of loss or liability arising from the failure of access to the GerMedUSAIT website or the disruption of access to the website. Any form of loss or liability arising from the transfer of data from the GerMedUSAIT website. Every kind of loss or liability arising from unauthorized use or misuse of primary user data by someone.

Any kind of loss or liability arising from mistakes, omissions or errors in any and all information or services rendered under this Agreement. Every form of loss or liability arising from the deletion or inability to store email messages. Every form of loss or liability arising from the failure of users to use our mail service. Any form of loss or liability arising from the use of the GerMedUSAIT mail service. Loss or liability that you may sustain in connection with our handling of your request for our facilities and the website.

4. Copyrights and Trademarks

By providing GerMedUSAIT with logos, titles, graphics, design themes, brand names, trademarks, text, terms, photos, images, concepts, visuals, illustrations and other data for use on the customer's website or other medium, the consumer hereby completely recognizes that such material holds the required copyright and/or trademark permits. The consumer will retain the owner of such products.

Every creative vision or design, photographs or material supplied and/or created by GerMedUSAIT on behalf of the customer shall remain the property of GerMedUSAIT and/or its suppliers. The consumer may ask, in writing, GerMedUSAIT for such rights, the necessary authorization to use such materials in forms other than those for which it was initially supplied, and GerMedUSAIT may at its authority, grant such permit. All types of such permission must be first obtained in writing before it will allow any of the aforesaid creative work or artwork, images, text, or other data to be consumed.

All kinds of such permission must first be received in writing before any of the above-mentioned creative works or designs, photographs, text or other data can be consumed. Users consent to fully indemnify and keep GerMedUSAIT free from all forms of damages in respect of any and all proceedings arising from the consumer without first securing all requisite copyrights and/or any other appropriate permits or grants.

5. Important Notice

This declaration of use of the terms and conditions of the website and the interpretation of GerMedUSAIT and the Users with regard to the subject matter hereof supersedes any and all previous oral or written agreements and obligations and any and all contemporaneous oral agreements and contracts between the Consumers and GerMedUSAIT with reference to the subject matter of this declaration of use of the terms and conditions of the website.